This is a Kingdom, and the foundation of The Kingdom is built on the laws, statues, commandments, doctrines and principals of God.  Although this Kingdom teaches the Apostles’ Doctrine, it does not debate or argue over scriptures unintelligibly.  This body of “Truth Seekers” believes many things must be proven, and this is why the Kingdom declares as the scriptures “Come - let us reason together for the kingdom of God and the souls that will dwell there”.


"Don't get deep get real"

The Mission of The Kingdom is to Teach the Good News of the Gospel, to teach the Apostle Doctrine, to lead the lost to Christ Jesus, to make disciples and equip them for the Army of Christ. The King’s ambition is to teach the truth, to expose people to the “Light”, to encourage and develop study habits that will enhance their spiritual, physical, financial, intellectual and emotional lives.